Custom High End Audiophile Switchbox
Custom High End Audiophile Switchbox

Audiophile Switchbox

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This is the perfect solution for connecting multiple sources and/or multiple amps to a single system. Maybe one day you want to listen to your turntable and tube amp, and the next day you want to listen to your DAC and solid state amp. This custom audiophile switchbox is made to order with your desired number of inputs and outputs, all with extremely high quality audio parts to ensure the signal isn't harmed in any way. 

There's no sense in having high-end audio cables when you just plug them into a generic switcher as a bottleneck, use a matching high-end audiophile level switchbox to ensure the best quality and convenience for your system.

This unit features an extruded aluminum chassis made in Canada, top-quality Grayhill switches, Cardas RCAs, and high-purity silver (optional) all made in the USA, milled aluminum knobs by KILO, and quality EAR Isodamp feet. All connections are wired by hand, no thin circuit board traces here. 

IN ADDITION: these switchboxes do not short the ground inputs and outputs. The ground channel is carried separately from each source to each output to prevent noise or grounding issues. Most audiophile switches do not offer this feature as it significantly adds to the build cost.