Balanced Switchbox Front
Balanced Switchbox Front

Balanced Headphone Switchbox

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The headphone switchbox is exactly as it sounds. Plug the box into your headphone amp and plug up to three headphones up to it for quick and easy switching. The chassis is aluminum and is grounded to reject EMI/RFI (noise and nasties) and hand wired point to point with solid core wiring in Teflon dielectric using Cardas silver-content solder for transparent sonic delivery. 

Some uses for the headphone switchbox are: 
  • Comparing headphones by switching back and forth quickly - great for evaluation or audio meets 
  • Reducing the plugging and unplugging of your favorite headphones to reduce wear on the jack and plugs
  • Reducing the plugging and unplugging for added convenience
The switcher comes standard with three 4-pin XLR positions, and you can add a phase switch or 4th position if desired. It also now comes standard with a metal/enamel emblem. The Headphone Switchbox is hand-built in the U.S. Please expect a 3 week turn-around. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply chain issues (yes they are incredibly annoying) adding a fourth balanced connection now requires an upgrade to an expensive Grayhill switch, thus the increase in price. I will try and replenish the previous switch soon, which works perfectly well.

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