Ballista Balanced to Unbalanced Interconnects

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A great choice for connecting a balanced output to an unbalanced input, with no adapters in the way negatively affecting sound quality. These interconnects are carefully hand assembled in the U.S.A. using ultra high quality materials for exceptional sound. I recommend these for excellent amps out there that don't have balanced inputs such as Linear Tube Audio

The Ballista:
The Ballista offers a flexible quad of wires, each featuring seven strands of electrically isolated 
99.99997% pure ohno continuous cast large crystal copper wire (UP-OCC). If you look closely you'll note that the strands alternate between pure copper and silver clad copper, delivering the best of both worlds. Each strand is air-tight, isolated using a unique coating. Everything is transparent so you see exactly what is delivering the sound to your ears. This unique wire is custom-made for Zynsonix Audio, you won't find it anywhere else. Featuring an optimal strand count that delivers exquisite detail and neutrality, it's perfect for headphones, home audio and portable cables.

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