SpeakON Cable for Benchmark Amp 4 Pole
SpeakON Cable for Benchmark Amp 4 Pole

Benchmark AHB2 Speakon Cable

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Are you looking for an audiophile solution for your Benchmark AHB2 amp's SpeakON jack? Most of what you'll find on the market for SpeakON cables is generic OFC in a low-cost dielectric from overseas. Replace that with a quality, hand-braided solution featuring Hyper-Pure Varistrand copper in PTFE made in the U.S.A. by Kimber, and hand-soldered joints that will withstand the test of time versus something twisted in with a screw. The difference will not be subtle. 

If you are running low-sensitivity headphones like the HiFiMan Susvara or the HE-6 you can run directly from the SpeakOn output (so long as you are careful with the volume). In that case you can use the 4 pin or dual 3 pin XLR output to your headphone cable of choice. You can also get a Ballista Octet with a SpeakOn termination.