Premium Furutech rhodium plated connectors
Premium Furutech rhodium plated connectors

Imperial Legate Chord Hugo TT2 Y-splitter for HiFiMan Susvara

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This special adapter is designed to take the powerful Chord Hugo TT 2 pre-amp output to power your Susvara or low-sensitivity headphones. Features a pair of Furutech FP-602 F(R) XLRs on the output side which cost $258 alone. 

For those with refined tastes, the Imperial Legate headphone cable for the HiFiMan Susvara will provide you with the finest and most detailed sound possible for these legendary headphones. Feel the music like you never have before with your Susvaras. The Imperial Legate utilizes eight of the finest ultra-pure ohno cast silver conductors available suspended in incredibly low-loss fluoropolymers. These conductors are woven and wrapped by hand in a damping dielectric, then hand-sleeved with your choice of braiding. This is the finest cable available from Zynsonix leveraging nearly 20 years of cable building experience. 

The connectors that interface with the headphone feature the rarest and most precious metal in the world: rhodium. These conductors are far more conductive than the brass you will find on typical connectors and will remove that bottleneck. 

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