Focal Headphone Cable with Viablue Sleeve and Furutech Balanced XLR
Focal Headphone Cable with Viablue Sleeve and Furutech Balanced XLR

Polybolos HiFiMan Headphone Cable

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A reference cable upgrade for your HiFiMan HE1000SE, Arya, Audivina, HE-R10P, Ananda, Edition X V2, HE1000 V2, HE-R10D, HE5SE and other headphones featuring a trifecta of UP-OCC copper, pure silver, and pure gold. This cable is for the very discerning audiophile who is looking for the best. The Polybolos is ideal for both perfect musical enjoyment and accurate audio mastering production sessions thanks to its balanced presentation and clarity across the range. Some worry about silver content making the cable bright but once they receive it they are very pleasantly surprised at its balance thanks to a careful selection of metals, dielectric and geometry. Also pleasant is the flexibility. Chose your termination, including 3.5mm mini, 1/4", 4.4mm balanced Pentaconn, 2.5mm TRRS, balanced 4 pin XLR, and many others. Hear your HiFiMan headphones be the best they can be.

Need something a little different or have questions? Please feel free contact me, I enjoy conversations with other audio enthusiasts. 

The Polybolos:
The Polybolos is a brand new offering that offers a flexible quad of wires, each featuring several strands of litz
99.99997% pure ohno continuous cast large crystal copper wire (UP-OCC), as well as a center conductor for each channel (Left +, Left -, Right +, Right -) made entirely of pure silver and gold. Nothing is plated here, it is a combination of both. This trifecta of metals in a unique geometry offers incredibly clarity and natural sound. Zero brightness or sibilance to worry about, just get lost in your music. Each strand is air-tight, isolated using a unique coating. The Polybolos has a transparent jack so you see exactly what is delivering the sound to your ears. It features a blue helix to differentiate it from the Ballista. This unique wire is custom-made for Zynsonix Audio, you won't find it anywhere else. Featuring an optimal strand count that delivers exquisite detail and neutrality, it's perfect for headphones, home audio and portable cables.