Polybolos Octet HiFiMan Susvara Headphone Cable

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If you're looking at this page you are a very discerning listener. Congrats on owning some amazing headphones. This is the quintessential plug-and-play cable upgrade for your HifiMan Susvara planar magnetic headphones. The Susvara needs a lot of juice to sound its best, this cable can be used to plug into an amplifier providing suitable wattage for the Susvara. Carrying that extra wattage is a parallel run of Zynsonix' refined new cable, the Polybolos, utilizing both UP-OCC copper, silver, and gold. Please feel free contact me to discuss the cable further, I enjoy conversations with other audio enthusiasts. This cable can also be configured to any termination such as speaker outputs including spades, bananas, or Speakon connector for Benchmark Amps. 

The Polybolos:
The Polybolos is a brand new offering that offers a flexible quad of wires, each featuring several strands of litz 
99.99997% pure ohno continuous cast large crystal copper wire (UP-OCC), as well as a center conductor for each channel (Left +, Left -, Right +, Right -) made entirely of pure silver and gold. Nothing is plated here, it is a combination of both. This trifecta of metals in a unique geometry offers incredibly clarity and natural sound. Zero brightness or sibilance to worry about, just get lost in your music. Each strand is air-tight, isolated using a unique coating. The Polybolos has a transparent jack so you see exactly what is delivering the sound to your ears. It features a blue helix to differentiate it from the Ballista. This unique wire is custom-made for Zynsonix Audio, you won't find it anywhere else. Featuring an optimal strand count that delivers exquisite detail and neutrality, it's perfect for headphones, home audio and portable cables.