Current Version with Metal Emblem and locking 1/4"
Current Version with Metal Emblem and locking 1/4"

Speaker Amp to Headphone Converter Box

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Many of the newer headphones like planar magnetics need more wattage than the average headphone amp can deliver. Have you been wanting to find out what those headphones sound like with the extra juice from your speaker amp? Wonder no longer, the Zynsonix speaker amp to headphone converter box delivers the wattage to your ears in spades with top notch parts like non-inductive resistors, high-purity wiring and Cardas silver content solder to ensure the best sound quality. Please note there is now a Speakon connector option for amps like the Benchmark AHB2.

This unit includes protective protective components mandatory for tube amplifiers with output transformers to present a load and prevent shorting, and will assist in protecting headphones from excessive wattage from solid state and OTL amplifiers (within reason). All units now include a brass and dark blue emblem (see images). If you need to power the HiFiMan Susvara or similar low sensitivity headphone, please see the deluxe version

Note: If using the 1/4" headphone output, please ensure your amp has a common ground. Contact me if you aren't sure. It's pretty easy to test with a $10 multimeter or you can simply ask the amp manufacturer. Nearly all amplifiers share a common ground. Also note that excessive wattage (turning your amp volume way up) can damage your headphones, so always be mindful of the volume.

*This product is made to order. Please expect a turn-around of 2-3 weeks. 

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