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Speaker Output to Headphone Balanced Adapter

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This cable suits a very specific purpose: listening to very low sensitivity headphones via the outputs of a speaker amp with typical power ratings (100 watts or less). It should not be used for any other headphones as it will damage them. If you are using The HE-6se (version 1 or 2) or the HiFiMan Susvara, I recommend the cable made specifically for them here as the sound quality will be improved. If you are using typical headphones, please see the Zynsonix converter box here

High quality materials are used through-out the balanced adapter including hand braided Kimber Hyper-pure Varistrand copper in Teflon. Please include in the notes if you are using monoblocks or an amplifier with a very large space between the left and right binding posts. Update: I have added a Speakon connector option for those with Benchmark Amps like the AHB2.

PLEASE NOTE: This adapter can damage headphones and other equipment if used improperly. Turning up the volume too high or using with a tube amplifier with output transformers can cause damage. If you have a tube amp with output transformers, please opt for the Zynsonix converter box, it provides an adequate load on the amp to prevent shorting.