Zynsonix offers custom audiophile switchboxes and cables using the finest materials like Cardas billet copper binding posts, rhodium plated RCAs and silver silver wiring. Everything is assembled by hand the old fashioned way. Just let me know what you're thinking and we can see about making it. Switching headphones, balanced and unbalanced signal, speaker amp to headphone conversion, and speaker switching is all possible in one switchbox. 

These are mostly made for audiophiles, but I've also done bespoke work for professional deejays, audio and video editing houses, film production crews, custom home and business installations, and movie productions. Feel free to contact with whatever you need, if the pin-outs are not on hand I'll do the research, or feel free to provide schematics, drawings, or bar napkin scribbles. I tend to enjoy custom projects and often document them on diyaudioblog.com, so don't hesitate to contact me. I also handle headphone repairs for Fostex and Beyerdynamic. 

Custom balanced Switchbox

Custom switchbox upgrade