Xev Speaker Cable Pair

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Looking for a pair of some well-fashioned speaker cables that deliver every nuance of your music with ease? The Xev speaker cable is what the doctor ordered. It's a little stiffer than a standard speaker cable due to the low-strand count design, but its crisp, detailed presentation will more than make up for it. The 12 gauge conductors are the perfect size, delivering gobs of current without being overly unwieldy. 

The Xev entry-level cable is anything but, stunning sounding cable with a crisp, detailed presentation. F
eatures a hand braided litz of silver clad copper in PTFE (Teflon) dielectric. The Xev by default comes with a flexible, non-microphonic Techflex soft black nylon multifilament sleeving, and each connection is lovingly terminated with Cardas silver-content solder.